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ClassOwl is a Learning Management System designed to simplify classroom management and increase student engagement through interactive assignments.

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Why ClassOwl?

Increase efficiency and impact in the classroom
by using ClassOwl to engage with your learners.

More Time to Teach
With our new state-of-the-art planner, teachers have more time for their students.
Improve Student Outcomes
Use real-time data to find the best way possible to support your learners.
Fast and Easy Integration
Onboard your school in less than a week.
Save Costs and Reduce Paper
Digitalise your classroom and make learning more sustainable.
Support and Care
Great, personal support that understands your needs as an educator.
Easy to Use
As intuitive as if you had designed it yourself.

Certifications & Partnerships

Working for and together with the best
to provide the finest service possible.

Made for the IB

User-Friendly Design & Intuitive Features

Designed with direct feedback from students and teachers,
ClassOwl is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Teachers - Preparing students for their future success is no easy feat, but we aim to help you however we can. Built with direct feedback from teachers, our platform is jam-packed with useful tools. Save time, stay organised, engage your students, increase productivity - all by using ClassOwl.
  • Parents - Supporting your child at home is just as important as in the classroom. Communication is key, and we want to make sure that staying connected to teachers and always being up to date is hassle-free. Soon parents will be able to use ClassOwl’s new Parents Portal to communicate and stay informed about their children’s progress, including grades, assignments, teacher feedback and more.
  • Students - Created by two high school students, there is no platform that will better address your frustrations and needs than ClassOwl. Blended learning at its best with student specific features designed to help you succeed and reach your goals.
  • School Heads - With a holistic platform catering to the well being of all stakeholders in your school, ClassOwl will not only help your students perform better, but also allow for you to bridge the communication gap with parents. Let your teachers focus more on teaching in the classroom than on administrative tasks and guarantee your IT Admins that the solution you choose will provide them great support and care.
  • IT Admins - Eliminate the pain and complexity of onboarding. Within a week, ClassOwl will be set-up, and ready to use in all classes. Our world class support will ensure that everything continues to run smoothly throughout the school year.

Explore ClassOwl

With ClassOwl's personalised tools, spend less time on managing
your classes and focus on increasing your students' outcome.

  • Assign and Create Assignments
    Increase student engagement with interactive assignments and personalise their learning with tools that facilitate independent study.
  • Stay Organised
    Using our new state-of-the-art planner, teachers have more time for their students. The integrated calendar will help keep you on track and ensure that your students will never miss another deadline.
  • Made for Learners
    ClassOwl's LMS and assignment eco-system encourages learning to occur in one place. Easy for teachers to keep their students up to date but also for students to request additional support or ask questions in a safe space.
Interactive Assignments
Create and assign engaging content for students. Perfect for group work, in-class assignments, homework or quizzes - whatever works best for you and your young learners. Share and collaborate with fellow educators to provide relevant and interesting material from on the ClassOwl library.
Automatic Grading
Gone are the days of mountains of assignments and exams to grade. In addition to our interactive assignments, you can also use question types that allow for automatic grading. Whether IB, A-levels, Swiss Matura, American High School Diploma, French Baccalaureate or whatever curriculum your school follows, you will be able to define the grading scales to match.
Juggling deadlines, meetings, classes and afterschool clubs? Our calendar will help make sure that you are on top of your to-dos, stay organised and have a clear overview of what is happening throughout the whole school year.
Class Communication
Dog ate my homework? With the ClassOwl LMS, you won’t be hearing this excuse anymore. Post and communicate with your different classes with full transparency and control to foster a safe and secure environment for your students.
Lesson Planner
Personalise your lessons to different classes, groups of students or even individual students to ensure they are getting the most out of school. Create entire lesson plans for your classes beforehand, and adapt them to your learners as they progress through them.
Google Classroom Integration
Already a Google Classroom school? With just one click, you can link your Google Classroom account to ClassOwl and integrate your calendar, existing classes on to our platform. No need to enter every student individually or create new classes. Get started right away!
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